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“No Hoof, no horse!” is a familiar saying in world of horses. The health of a good horse starts at healthy hoofs. At Belebro, we get that. That’s why Hoof Gel Belebro is essential for any stable. It’s recommended by the best farrier, vets and specialists. 
Order a can, and let it do its magic!” 
Choose the Belebro way.

The Belebro Hoof Gel contains an effective blend of protein and bay leaf, which promotes blood circulation.
The Belebro Way focuses on the growth and quality of horn, cartilage, and connective tissue.

Over the past 30 years, our method has helped thousands of horses with:
• Loose Wall
• Crumbled hooves
• White line disease
• Thrush
• Hoof mold
• Sole Ulcer
• Torn hooves
• Hoof Canker
• Inflamed hoof
• Laminitis

with the Belebro way, we create growth, resilience, quality, and recovery, that results in a strong and
healthy horse. That’s Belebro’s ultimate goal. Strong and healthy horses everywhere. Choose the
Belebro Way.

What you also might like to know:
• There are no known side effects with this care product
• Does not contain substances classified as doping by the FEI, Jockey Club, and WADA
• Use only for horses

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Horses are all around the world, so as we.
We strive to deliver your package as soon as possible.
You can expect your package delivered within 5-7 when you live in Europe.
Outside Europe, it may take up to 2 weeks.

Our shipping rate are:
The Netherlands: €7,65
Outside The Netherlands, inside Europe: €25,00
Outside Europe: €35,00



450 gram

Beta-carotene, biotin, dimethicone, hyaluronic acid, glucose syrup, potassium
orthophosphate, lactose, bay leaf, lysine, methionine, sodium polyphosphate, zinc


1 review for Hoof Gel Belebro

  1. Mariska (verified owner)

    Ik was erg sceptisch over “iets uitwendigs”. Ons paard is groot, sterk en lomp en we springen en crossen regelmatig. Zijn hoeven kunnen dit slecht verwerken en was ook al duidelijk bij aankoop.
    Jarenlang brokkelhoeven, iedere 2 tot 4 weken ijzers kwijt, kreupel zonder ijzers, een jaar op plakbeslag, niets hielp. Hij sloeg wand met ijzers er af, hij had geen wand meer over. Inmiddels al 7 maanden bezig met Belebro Hoefgel, en kwaliteit hoef is zo verbeterd! Nu al zeker 6 weken op een ijzerset, geen brokkels of scheuren en eindelijk weer een steunrand en normale lengte. Net 2e pot besteld, ik ga door!

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