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About Us

Insane love and admiration for horses. That’s the drive behind Belebro.
In 1985 Belebro was founded by our grandfather Gerrit Bens. He was a leading example of true horsemanship. A man with a clear vision, about to change lifes.

Belebro invented the first and only horse walker.
In nature, horses walk a daily average of 60km. In the modern world, this has gone drastically down to 10km a day. So, time for changes. A horse can only be truly happy and healthy with a sufficient amount of exercise every day.

Our dreams for the horse walker came true and exceeded every expectation. Our walkers are worldwide sold in over 100+ countries. Even our first walker, 37 years old in 2023, still spins 6 hours a day 7 days a week without any hesitation.

The second and third gen in our family has expanded our business. Nowadays Belebro does not only sell horse-walkers, but also various methods of rehabilitation, with a specialization in the most complex hoof disorders and tendon problems.


Informeerd, adviseerd en helpt!

Belebro informs and helps horse people to keep their horses healthy, fit and strong in a natural way. We inform you about the effect on horses about aspects like; water, nutrition, movement, training, lodging, footings, balans and care.


The Belebro way

Reliable, effective and healing!

Belebro has developed a methods to support the healing of the locomotion system that we call “The Belebro Way”. Most of the tendons, legiments and hoof problems and injuries can be solved with this method methods.

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