Optimal care and recovery for tendon injuries in horses”

Tendon injuries in horses can be painful and debilitating, affecting their movement and performance. As horse owners, it’s natural to be concerned about their well-being and future. The Belebro Way is a comprehensive approach that focuses on caring for healthy tendons and preventing injuries. However, in the unfortunate event of a tendon injury, we provide the best possible conditions to facilitate the horse’s recovery.

The Belebro Way involves several key elements of care and treatment:
  1. Diagnoses: Our experienced veterinarians conduct thorough evaluations using diagnostic tools such as ultrasound, MRI, or X-rays to determine the exact nature and severity of the tendon injury.
  2. Treatment Plan: Based on the diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan is developed, tailored to the specific needs of the horse. This plan incorporates the use of the Belebro Tendon Gel and vibration therapy, such as IceVibe or Vibefloor, to promote healing.
  3. Rehabilitation and Recovery: Together with the veterinarian, we design a rehabilitation program that gradually restores the horse’s strength and gradually increases the tendon’s load in a controlled manner. This program may include exercises, therapeutic support, and close monitoring of the recovery process.
  4. Management: We provide guidance on proper management during the recovery process, including recommendations for diet, stabling, training, and necessary adjustments to prevent further damage to the tendon. Additionally, we offer preventive measures to reduce the risk of future injuries.
  5. Follow-up and Assessment: We closely monitor the horse’s recovery process and conduct regular assessments to track progress. If needed, the veterinarian may adjust the treatment plan based on the horse’s response to the therapies.
The Belebro Way to Resilience and Health

Our method has proven successful in helping horses with various tendon conditions, including tendonitis, tendinopathy, flexor tendon injuries, deep digital flexor tendonitis, tendinosis, and more. With the Belebro Way, we aim to create resilience, quality, and ultimately ensure strong and healthy horses everywhere.

To support the healing process, hydration plays a vital role. Sufficient water intake reduces inflammation, muscle cramps, and improves overall mobility. Proper nutrition is also essential, emphasizing a diet rich in nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Proteins serve as building blocks for tissues, including tendons, while vitamin C aids in collagen production necessary for tendon tissue repair.

Exercise is crucial for tendon recovery, but caution must be exercised to prevent further damage. Following the veterinarian’s advice, performing light exercise, and specialized injury-focused exercises can improve blood flow to the tendons, accelerating the recovery process. Vibration training, a newer approach, can be utilized through methods like Vibefloor for whole-body vibration training or Ice Vibe for localized vibration, promoting blood flow, flexibility, and reducing inflammation and pain.

Maintaining balance is also crucial in preventing tendon injuries and supporting healing. Engaging in exercises that enhance balance reduces strain on tendons, promoting healthy posture and movement.

Lastly, the Belebro Tendon Gel is an effective aid in expediting the recovery process. By hydrating and nourishing the tendons, the gel reduces pain and supports the overall recovery journey.

In summary, a combination of proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, balance training, the Belebro Tendon Gel, and expert veterinarian guidance facilitates the healing of tendons. Patience and meticulous care are necessary for a full recovery. Always consult a veterinarian for advice, guidance, and treatment of tendon injuries. Feel free to ask for our list of veterinarians experienced with our revolutionary method. Choose the Belebro Way for optimal care and recovery of tendon injuries in horses.

Is your horse dealing with a tendon issue?

At Belebro, we specialize in the care and recovery of horses with tendon injuries. Our proven method, the Belebro Way, combines nutrition, hydration, exercise, balance training, Belebro Tendon Gel, and expert veterinarian guidance to optimize healing.

We understand the importance of patience and attentive care throughout the recovery process. Our dedicated team is here to provide advice, guidance, and connect you with experienced veterinarians who have seen the success of our revolutionary approach.

Give your horse the best chance at a full recovery. Choose the Belebro Way. Contact us today to help your horse regain strength, mobility, and overall well-being.

“What if your horse has a tendon issue?” Contact us and discover the transformative power of the Belebro Way.

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