Horse Whole Body Vibration Training

Vibrating surfaces for horses, an invention that brings horses in top form!

Benefits of vibration training:

Vibration traning can improve strength and balance by stimulating the neuromuscular system and preventing muscle loss.

Vibration training can reduce bone loss by increasing bone mineral density and stimulating new bone formation.

Vibration training can improve flexibility by enhancing joint range of motion and reducing stiffness.

Vibration training can reduce muscle soreness after exercise by enhancing recovery and reducing inflammation.

Vibration training can build strength by activating more muscles fibers and increasing muscle power.

Vibration training can improve cognitive function by enhancing synaptic plasticity and blod flow in the brain.

Vibration training can decrease stress by lowering cortisol levels and improving mood.

Vibration training can reduce the risk of colics.

Vibration training can promote hoof growth.

Vibration training can give your horse a warming before training to reduce locomotion injuries, such as tendinitis, damage of cartilage, muscle rupture etc.

Vibefloor is a very commercial product; renting to clients of horse facilities to support client’s ambitions to have a top performing heathy horse. From expirience we know that horse people want to spent 80-100 euro a month per horse to use the Vibefloor on a daily base. The turnover per month with only 8 horses is € 640 per month which takes less that two years to earn the complete installation back. For rehabilition centres is Vibefloor an excellent product to support their treatment.

Different types of Vibefloors

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